How Crochet Evolved?

Crocheting is an art of creating fabric with cord or threads using certain type of hooks. The word crochet was derived from the French word “croc”, meaning hook.

How it started?

Crochet was not known before 18th century. Crocheting originated from parts of South America, Arabia and China during early 18th century. Later it became very popular in Europe. Though crocheting was practiced earlier, the present day crocheting practiced with hooks came into being very late as people of olden days used only their fingers for making loops and chains.

One form of embroidery namely “tambour Embroidery” reached Europe during the 18th century and people started doing the art using smaller needles that are very similar to crochet hooks used today. Though there are conflicting evidences for having found crochet pieces in Egyptian tombs, history of crocheting could not be traced before the 18th century.

In earlier days, lace working was very much prevalent and in early 18th century crocheting took over the lace work. Crochet materials were less expensive than that of its lace counterpart and people started crocheting using various natural fibres and various types of hooks such as wood, ivory and brass.

As years rolled by, crocheting established its roots and turned out to be an enterprise for livelihood. The crocheted fabrics were bought more and more by middle class people and crochet found its way to every household.

How it developed?

Starting from the early 18th century and up to the middle of 19th century, the crochet methods that were followed was filet crochet. Patterns were made with rows either with open or closed mesh using steel hooks.

Thread was used up to 1950 for any patterns. As many people, especially younger generations, started practicing crochet, many new designs and ideas emerged and with the advent of colured yarns, there were an explosion of varied patterns and hues in the crochet arena. Many new patterns such as granny squares and freeform crochet emerged in the market.

What are the Methods Involved?

In any modern crochet, you will find slipknots pulled through a loop and the second loop pulled through the first loop, there by creating a pattern. The pattern is repeated till you get a finished fabric. You can make a round by pulling many stitches through the loop.

These methods distinguish crocheting from other kinds of fabric making methods.
Crochet has undergone many phases and the crochet that you know today is an art involving different technologies and modern ways of making fabric.

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