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Crochet is made with hands and requires patience for finishing any particular pattern. There are different methods depending upon the patterns and each patterned diagram will provide the necessary instructions and details to the person for proceeding with the crochet.

It is always advisable to go in for the pattern that suits your skill level. As any complex pattern will expect greater crocheting skills, you as a beginner may find it difficult to understand them and put to practice. There are patterns, which have basic diagrams and simple instructions for those beginners in crocheting.

Here are some simple basic steps that can make any beginner to understand crochet sufficiently:

1. You should have the right tools and supplies such as yarn while making your crochet product. Normally tools meant for crochet are not very expensive and you can choose a variety of such inexpensive tools such as yarns, knitting needles, crochet hooks, and patterned diagrams. You may also need a pair of scissors and other tools depending upon your selection of patterns. For example, for doing a crochet pompom hat you will have to buy “G size” hook and worsted-weight yarn.

2. You may start your initial crocheting by duly holding the crochet hook with your right hand and bend the hook of the loop using forefingers. You may then pull through the knot on the centre of the hook.

3. Now slide the loop of the hooked thread to form a slipknot on the hook. Repeat the process so as to make chained stitches duly ensuring the appropriate thickness of the chains in accordance with the pattern and product.

4. Now you can make a double stitch by bringing back the thread or yarn on the top of the loop so as to make the thread to go around the hook. You may use your forefinger for grabbing the knot and tightening the chain stitches of the crochet.

5. You may skip the first double stitched chain and proceed further on the knot that is not properly hooked on the knot of the loop. You have to ensure that the chains do not loosen and the strands are properly aligned with the other threads. To make the product robust you can have tighter knots on the chains of the crochet.

6. Now you may bring the centre of the hook in position to the next hole of the second double stitch chain. After getting through the hole, you may slide the thread passing into the center of the third double stitch chain that will go on the upper part of the loop. Now you have created two loops on the double stitch chain. This will make the loops tighter and stronger.

7. After returning from the first chain, bring back the hook from back to the front and after sliding the needle, make a knot on the center hole of the first chain. The hook must be carefully pushed through the middle to create a knot from the first loop.

8. Returning from the third loop, now you may create another extra chain stitch to make a reversed counter clockwise loop. This is done for retaining the knot to support the double stitched chains. You can start from the first step afresh to create new chains in a new row and create the similar loops alike from the previous rows.

9. You can then create a single crochet stitch on the first loop tightening the next loops of the double stitch chains on the previous rows. As far as possible try to create similar loops to ensure that the following double stitch chains will be similar to the loops made first. Make a final knot to ensure that all the stitches are intact and are at appropriate places.

Finally, you may cut the excess thread leaving at least 6 inches in the last chain for enabling any extension in case of need. What you have seen is only meant for beginners and there are other complex designs, which can be mastered only over a long period of crochet practice.


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