Interesting Filet Crochet

Filet crochet is also popularly known as handicraft needlework done with hooks. A crochet outline or simple graph is used in filet crochet and two different colours of yarn are used.

A hard mesh is used to create multiple crochet chain stitches from a square pattern. Double loop stitches are made on allotted space of open mesh and last crochet is created on the loop. The last crochet on an open mesh will be the first crochet of the next mesh.

Filet crochet has more intricate details involving a combination of stitches from the open and hard meshes. A patterned outline of the hard mesh is used with the open mesh in the background of the design.

Half-doubled crochet stitches are also created to make a variety of double crochet stitches. You should ensure that the double-crochet stitches are exactly half of its measurement both in height and width.

Normally cotton thread is used in filet crochet and it is done in rows to make items such as linen or wall hangings on the loops. As filet crochet use intricate designs, you should use fine textured thread and should have great patience while doing filet crochet.

You can make filet crochet designs by making simple cross-stitches over the solid mesh pattern area and allowing the open mesh block with no filet crochet on the outline.

Blocked stitches on an open mesh patterns will turn out to be the best filet crochet design. To create a more beautiful filet crochet design, you can leave the highlighted areas unstitched before bringing the pattern to finish.

Multiple colour combination can also be applied in filet crochet and any such act will result in a colourful backdrop and will be pleasing to one’s eyes. You may even crochet from the top stitch duly going through the solid mesh pattern outline that can create eye-catching and contrasting cross-stitches.

Here are few patterns and ways for making the filet crochet:

• Always choose the open and solid mesh patterns. Accord top priority for spacing so that you will be able to make a double stitch thread from a cross-stitch design. Ensure to have equal stitches on the squares of solid mesh and leave a free space on the open mesh for the background.

• Create two chains of double stitches on the entire pattern for making the open mesh. You may skip the next two chained stitches leaving a free space for the open double crochet. Finally, you can make a double stitch in the next double crochet chains.

• Making filet crochet on the solid mesh involves doubling the crochet in the following double-chained spaces and then double cross stitch on the last double crochet.

• For starting an open mesh, you must make five double crochet chains and leave two double stitches on the sixth chain then double crochet on the next double-chained stitch.

• In a solid mesh block pattern, you can either double crochet on the next double-chained stitches or make a double crochet on the next chain space. And both will result in same design on a filet crochet pattern.

As the filet crochets are always complimented with good patterns on the solid and open meshes, you can combine them to produce stunning filet crochets.


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