Crochet Beach Wear

Ever dreamt of hanging out at beaches during summer? Lot of people started thronging beaches during summer for two reasons – one is for getting a respite from the summer heat and the second one is for getting that coveted tan skin colour. Again ever thought of wearing crochet swimsuit in the place of the old bikinis made out of polyester?

A two piece swimsuit is a classic one and enjoyed both by the wearer as well as by the onlooker for the visual treat. The scenario will have added attraction if you can sport a crochet bikini and never bothered much about little more exposure of the skin.

You can get a decent crochet bikini from online stores and from other shops for a price of $40 to $150 and every dollar spent on the crochet wear is worth its value. You can have a variety of such crochet swimsuits. Some are haltered top, which can be worn while walking in the beach with a pair of shorts on and you can even find strapless variety like tube top.

If you are interested in some unique designs, then there are floral designs for you. This is also a halter top, which come in various colours and are sure to enhance your looks.

The bikinis that were used two years back has undergone tremendous changes and is no where near the present designs. In those days bikinis were carefully made so as to not to expose much skin area. And where as, now bikinis have become so scanty that they are revealing in nature and expose more of the skin area and the idea may be to get more tan skin.

Crochet bikinis are not reserved for women, but the children can also use them. The bikinis are usually made of cotton yarn with an elastic band attached for that snug fit and comes is various hues. You can have one of such crochet bikinis for a just $25 and you can expect more designs in future.

Few customers buy crochet bikinis in stores for the main reason of wearing a nice outfit during their beach visits. If you want to have a right bikini, then you can go to a store and buy; alternately, you can have your own bikini by duly crocheting it. You can grab a magazine that comes with the design and start your making bikini by yourself.

Here, you need not limit your adventure only with the design so selected. Instead, you can deviate from the original design, use 2 or colours, blend few new shades and make your bikini a unique one. While making your bikini, you should take into account the breast size and waist size. For the exact measurement, you can make use of the bra and the panty. Further, after completing the job, ensure that the bikini snugly fits you so as to make you comfortable when you are in a beach.

Once you finish the work, check with the bra and the panty that they fit within the crocheted bikini. You can use the bra and the panty as padding beneath the crochet wear. After finishing the work, you can try out the wear in your bathroom tub and ensure that the wear doesn’t slip or fall off.


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