How to Choose Free Baby Crochet Patterns?

You may be a beginner or an experienced crocheter, but it does not matter when it comes to your choosing the crochet pattern. If you are capable of understanding the guidelines and instructions then nothing can stop you from making that alluring crochet pattern.

Many crocheters always look for new patterns in their crocheting endeavour. Further, they also do certain modifications in the existing pattern to make an entirely new design out of the old one.
When there is fervour for new designs, it is always better to look for free patterns in order to save your hard-earned money.

Amongst the free patterns that are made available, you may find that many of them pertain to baby’s garments.
The reason is obvious. Out of the percentage of total garments sold, baby garments steal a major chunk and this might have contributed to the increased availability of free baby crochet patterns.

You can get your free baby crochet patterns in many ways. Many books, magazines, or journals are inclined to give free baby crochet patterns and they also give assistance in bringing out the pattern. With the advent of information technology, getting free baby crochet patterns has become very easy and you can have multiple choices.

Many devoted crocheters have published their baby crochet patterns over the internet and you can have access to them through various web sites. Normally, these free patterns also come with proper instructions and tips for making your job easy or less complicated.

However, there are few free patterns that are published without proper or incomplete instructions. Let us believe that those instructions were actually not given with any bad intention; and inexperienced crocheters might have published them. So, to avoid any such bad free patterns, which may otherwise rob your precious time, it is better to know certain points that may help you in choosing your free baby crochet patterns.

Analyse and Understand the pattern first

When you come across any free pattern, check whether you have already downloaded them. If not, analyse the pattern first in comparison with your ability level before going for the actual download and purchase of yarn and hook.

Try to analyze and visualise the pattern. Decide on the suitability of the pattern once completed. Read all the instructions and try to assess whether the instructions are detailed correctly without any missing links so as to finish the project without any hitch.

Check for any illustrations and for detailed steps involved. Any good pattern will have all the necessary information with clear images. Such things will make your crochet job easy.

Do your Homework

It is always preferable to do your homework in the first instance. Make out a list of web sites that give you the preferred free patterns that suit to your taste well.
Later, you can surf all those web sites and look for the patterns. You can also look for the patterns that were tried and tested by many people. This can be known to you by reading the access counter and the preference index provided against each pattern.

Few good and reliable web sites also provide help in the form of forums and suggestion boxes where in you can instantly post your problems and get instant solutions.

Have a Hard Copy always

It is always suggested to have a hard copy of the pattern, the instructions and the images if any. Besides having a hard copy of it, you can also have a backup of soft copy. Try to print them out and bind them.

This will facilitate the use of these patterns instead of printing them as and when required.
In crocheting, getting and working on free baby crochet patterns will be a bonus to the already rewarding hobby.


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