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Crocheting is a craft of making fabric using threads, yarn and hooks. Crocheting has its history dating back to 18th century. Though there are claims that crocheting was practiced even much earlier, the claim does not have any concrete evidence. It is also believed that crochet existed in some of the places in Arabia, China and the Americas.

Crochet is done by making a slip-knot loop and by pulling a second loop through this loop. The process is repeated until a chain is created. You can make patterns by hooking the loops together.

There is one variation in crochet that has become very popular and that is known as Afghan Crochet. Afghan crotchet is also known as Tunisian crochet. Afghan crochet employ usage of elongated hook that is fitted with a stopper at one end where the handle is located. These types of hooks are called as afghan hooks.

In afghan crochet, rows are worked in two halves; the first half of the rows done from right to the left while the other one is worked from left to right. There is no turning involved in this pattern as in the case of other patterns of crocheting.

After finishing the starting chain, the beginning row will be done by inserting the afghan hook through the chain. After pulling a loop from the yarn, the hook will be inserted into the next chain. This is done without removing the loop from the hook. After finishing a row, you have to do the same number of loops and stitches across. The other half of the row will be done with the afghan hook.

You can choose your pattern from the thousands of available afghan patterns. Each and every pattern has some unique concept involved in it.

This article tries to give some resources about free afghan crochet patterns. You can find them below:

Medallion Strips

This particular afghan pattern consists of strips crocheted in a medallion style. This is one of the best examples for the “patchwork crochet”, wherein the individually done strips are joined together later. For any medallion pattern of afghan crochet you can make use of woolen or acrylic yarn.

Baby Afghan

This pattern of afghan is seen applied more for making babies’ fabric. This is one of the easiest patterns and will take only few hours for completion. This pattern is so versatile, that you can change the colours so as to suit your baby, be it a boy or girl.

Granny Square pattern is employed in making the baby afghan. After doing six rounds of white and one round of blue, the two colours will be put together to form a checkerboard pattern. You can use whip-stitch for joining the squares. You will get one small blanket after joining all the squares.

Afghan Medallion

This is one of the eye catching colorful patterns that looks like a medallion and you can even lace the medallions here.

Beefy V

This afghan crochet fabric is done using worsted-weighted yarn and is very suitable for men. They are long enough to reach up to the toe and have sufficient width to cover the whole body.

You can get a variety of afghan crochet patterns from various resources such as books, magazines and web sites.Some of the web sites that contain information on crochet patterns are:

You can logon to these sites and use the various resources that have been provided there and utilising them in your afghan crocheting endeavour.


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