Crochet for Infants

Newborn babies are very tender and are prone to get affected by the external heat and cold. To protect your newborn baby, you need to have protective clothing that has twin layers of stitching. When there is a need for double layer, the natural choice will be any crochet pattern clothes.

Crochet cloth offer a protective shield and cozy comfort to your baby and at the same time enhances the looks. You can make few eye-catching designs of farm animals such as a lamb, a rabbit or a chick. Or else, you can make few floral patterns, which may symbolise the bloom of a new life in this earth.

As babies are clothed from head to toe, you have a better chance to show your crocheting techniques in bringing out the baby crochets. For example, you can crochet a hat with single colour and adding few materials at the sides. Further, you can also do baby gloves, but a word of caution: you should choose strong fabric so that the fabric or the yarn doesn’t get into the mouth or the nose of the baby.

While dressing the baby, you can use a sweater or a cape as top that may give the needed warmth to the baby. To give an aesthetic value, you can give some double stitching and use multi-colored fabric and make it unique.

The bottom portion of the baby dress can be made from light as well as dark colours and the bottom dress should be in a position to give protection to the baby from the outside temperature.
You need not limit your usage of crochet patterns only with the clothes for the baby. You can even think of doing some plain colour cover for the feeding bottle so that the baby can have a firm grip over the bottle and in the event of the baby dropping the bottle, the bottle will not shatter.

If you have any idea of doing socks, then first get the size of the baby’s feet drawn on a paper and then start your work. You can make such socks slightly bigger so as to make the baby use them even after one year – thereby saving your precious time and money.

When you have exhausted your ideas, you can even try to make wash clothes using crochet pattern. As there are no special add-ons and specific design involved in wash clothes, you can make such wash clothes easily. Depending upon your taste, you can either make big holes or smaller ones.

As the baby grow older you can make certain crochet items such as swimsuit, sweaters and hats. You can make use of bright colours and have your touch of excellence in crochet patterns.You can look for designs in the internet and if you are already exposed to a little bit of cross stitching, then you will be able to follow all the instructions without any ambiguity.

Based on your project, you can go in for the colour yarns and the necessary needles.
You can make wonderful Crochet patterns for babies if you can apply a little bit of your imagination while selecting the yarns and the designs. With little more effort and time, you can have your wardrobe full of crochet patterns for babies.


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