Crochet Shawls and its Finer Points

Crochet is a very interesting hobby and it can make you spend your free time in a worthwhile manner. You can get satisfaction and fulfillment the moment you finish a pattern. Shawl is one of the easiest items you can make in crochet.


Any woman can vouch for shawls for its fashion attribute and the companionship feeling extended by shawls. Shawls are seen used in formal occasions and as well as informal gatherings. Any woman will aspire for having few shawls in her closet.

Shawls are made in different materials and in different colours. However, the crochet shawls always stand out in any crowd because of the supple feel that go with any crochet shawl. The shawl is one item that is desired for by most of the women and gifting a shawl will certainly be a wonderful idea.Know to make your own Crochet Shawl

If you have a shawl in your mind, then why not make it by yourself instead of purchasing it?

The advantage of having a self-made (crocheted) shawl will be that you will be having a shawl of your choice and taste, be it your choice of colour or texture or size. And not to mention the elated feeling of having crocheted the shawl all by yourself.

Besides having your own pattern, you can even look for the luring patterns in the internet or look for them in magazines or e-books. It is preferable to get some great patterns and crochet them.

Most of the web sites and e-books provide very good shawl patterns along with the detailed instructions as how to make it. You can get the pattern printed first and then start your work of making it.

Useful Crochet Tips

Always try to do things in a correct way and never hesitate to go that extra mile.

Few tips on perfect crochet pattern:

• Do not force your hook through and avoid applying tension when you crochet. Keep your hands relaxed when you are carrying out the pattern.

• If you are in the habit of stitching tightly, then go in for larger hook. On the contrary, go for smaller hooks if you tend to stitch loosely.

• Try to stick with the pattern always as any deviation may result in a poorly crocheted piece, especially if you are a beginner.

• Create the foundation correctly as this determines the success or failure of crochet. It is always preferable to try out the pattern with another set of different size of hooks if the foundation turned to be either too tight or too loose.

Crocheting your own shawl will definitely be a fulfilling experience for you. Do it to your heart’s content and bring out the masterpiece.


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