Crochet Patterns for the Shrug

Crochet patterns are normally easy to make and you can apply crochet patterns on almost anything and can be used to make accessories for your living room or dining room. It can also be used as a curtain for the home.

One more such use identified in the recent past is the shrug. Women are very fond of wearing shrugs due to the comfort feeling that the shrug can extend. Women mainly wear shrugs to complement the dress that are worn by them already.

Shrugs are worn both in formal and informal situations. They come in different colours and various types such as with button, or as a wrap around or that can be tied. You can apply all your imagination while doing a crochet shrug due to its versatility.

Normally open stitch designs are applied in making shrugs. In Holey Squares shrug, the holes are big and are shaped just like a square. In another good design by name Beatrice shrug, the holes are not that big and this can be made multi-coloured. You can add accessories such as button or a bell for facilitating the person to tie the shrug at the centre.

The yarns that go into making shrugs are again varied and the best-suited one is chenille. You can also add details in the form of stripes or other shapes at the centre or on the edges. You can make different colours to make the shrug stand out in a crowd.

You can search internet or e-magazines for the various resources related to making shrugs. You can look for the patterns, colour combinations and the latest styles for making the up to date fashion material.

You should also be aware that the colour preference changes with the change in the seasons. People prefer light colours during Spring and Summer seasons and the preference will shift towards darker colours during Fall and Winter seasons.

Many stores also sell patterns with detailed instructions. If you can closely study them, you yourself can bring out such patterns, much to the appreciation of your neighbhours, friends and relatives.

If you know little bit of cross-stitching, then you will not find making a shrug design difficult at all. To make a shrug, all you have to do is to visit a store, get the materials such as yarn, and hook and start the project head on. It is always better to draw the pattern first on a paper, study it and then make your crocheting work.

As you practice, you need not have to depend on the instructional videos or other books and you will be able to do the work on your own. As you become adept at bringing out various patterns, you can try out other complex patterns in crocheting and thus start a fruitful career.

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