Look at the case of Martha Stewart

Ever heard of Martha Stewart?

Martha Stewart is such a popular figure that no one could afford missing to know her. She was responsible for making the dinnerware and table clothes industry a million dollar one, which otherwise would have lost even its presence in the urban locality.

However, there are many disputes and various concocted stories about the money made by her through insider trading and other serious crimes; and do not allow you to get bogged down by these information as more and more business analysts are after that.

Let us look into the other positive aspects. When Martha Stewart was released from the central prison, the entire media was waiting outside to have a glimpse of her. However, the actual centre of attraction was not Martha Stewart, but the Poncho she was wearing that was crocheted by her friend in the prison. The poncho has drawn all the attention towards it and Martha Stewart was able to get all her strain and guilt feelings ignored by the general public.

Next day that poncho has hit the headlines - at least in Omnimedia and bulletin boards of crochet community forums. The poncho pattern started its journey amongst the crocheters, and it is not certain whether any one bothered to trace the root or the origin of poncho pattern. One of the popular crochet designers by name Lily Chin tried to reproduce the poncho pattern and wore it in one of the morning shows of CBS. She also gave an apt name for it... Freedom Poncho.

Let us flag our thinking horse further to explore a little further into the poncho pattern that has created ripples:

The famous celebrity (not in the right perspective) Martha Stewart was seen wearing a crocheted poncho while leaving prison;

An inmate in the prison crocheted the poncho;

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