Knowing the Persian Stitch

Persian Stitch

Instead of using a loose and flat thread, you can start using either a thick or firm thread. These thick or firm threads come in different qualities such as DMC 6 cord crochet cotton, DMC special quality crochet cotton (nos. 1 to 10), DMC knotting cotton (nos. 10 to 30), or DMC flax thread for knitting and crochet numbers 3 to 12. And you can choose any one of them depending upon your choice and preference.

The Persian stitch is worked on from the right side only. Let us see the details:

* Make 1 loop through on either side of previous row stitch so that there are 3 loops on the hook, including the one made by the last stitch

* Make 1 over and pass it through all 3 loops

* Draw another loop through beside the left-hand arm of the stitch just made to form the right hand arm of the new stitch, and another loop through the next stitch

* Make 1 over and draw it through all 3 loops

As a novice, you should not get discouraged with the initial failures and to bring out a successful crochet project you have to learn from your mistakes. The more you work on your mistakes, the better your skills will be.

Now you have been taught with or exposed to the very basic crochet techniques. Start with what you have learned to get a feel of crochet. Crocheting can be compared with Tennis - the more you hit the ball ?over? the court, the better your shots will be.

In tennis, your grip on the racket should be natural and comfortable, and you should never force your hold or grip. The same is true when it comes to your holding of hook in crocheting. One expert crocheter once said, if you are stressed about something, that stress will show up in your crocheting work.

When your are stressed, you may be yarning too firm or you may be missing few (probably many) important loops or chains. Take time to relax to achieve a good comfort level before any crocheting project.

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