Know the Freeform Crocheting

There is a yet another form of crocheting and it is called as Freeform crocheting. Let us see what it is:

Freeform crocheting can be compared to a cuisine with no set recipe and is done extempore. Similar to the experimental cuisine, in freeform crochet, you will work without a pattern. It goes something like this: take a piece of yarn that is without any shape, do some random stitches until it takes some form, then attach it to another crochet piece of a different color, attach the two pieces together, then put in a stitch on top, another one below, and now add a design?few stitches here and there, do a yarn over (can you recall the abbreviation yo), sew in few beads and make rows.

What will you end up with finally? You will certainly be holding a freeform crochet that is worth displaying in a forum or get published in e-zines. Any distinct shape that is brought out with no specific ideas, has always a special place in crochet world ? and hence the name freeform.

In freeform crocheting nothing can limit your imagination and you can take the sky as your limit. It is like dancing alone without any dance instructor around to control you ? it is similar to that and you can have your freeform crocheting much to your heart?s content.

Few other crocheters compare freeform crocheting with that of painting. You can decide on your freefrom pattern based on your realistic idea about any form or even from an abstract form. Whatever may be the form you choose, be it a two dimensional or three dimensional, it will always turn out to be beautiful. Freefrom crochet is just like love that unfolds without any plan and not allowing any external stimuli to control it.

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