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To spread the crochet, the Craft Yarn Council of America came out with a brilliant idea involving teachers. The plan or concept applied was ?Each One Teach Two?. The movement encouraged all teachers nationwide to teach crochet techniques to students in an age group of six years and above.

The Craft Yarn Council provided all the required materials to teachers and guided them on the aspects of effective teaching such as lesson plans that tell teachers what they can teach beginners, especially the toughest part of starting a chain.

Initially students are asked to use larger hook ? the H or I aluminum hook ? as these hooks will enable them to have a better grip with correct tension. As per the council?s version, most of the beginners tend to crochet too tightly. The main idea is to establish a ?chain? of crocheters; involving each one to teach two other people and those two people in turn will teach two others each respectively. And thus reaching a goal of getting the crochet practiced by everyone.

In the teaching materials brought out by the Council, the instructions are so clearly spelled out that make the teachers? job easy and convenient. Any novice teacher can be able to teach crochet using the Council?s materials. The Council?s web site also provides facility for downloading the instructions directly and certificates are awarded at the end of the lessons.

The stupendous effort put forth by the Yarn Council of America is not for saving the yarn industry from its death spell. The effort is meant for popularising the ever interesting and unique crochet among the American masses. By duly encouraging the crocheters and knitters, the scope for improving the yarn industry also improves, and it is one of the time-tested methods to make any industry a flourishing one.

But then again?

There is no indication at all that the yarn industries are in a cessation stage. In fact, there are more evidences to prove that the yarn industry is indeed prospering well. The presence of crochet in the current century is only a standing evidence that the needle industry also performed well during all these years.

As long as the people are inclined to use their creativity in their clothing endeavours, the knitting and crochet industry will continue to stay which in turn ensures prosperity of hook and yarn industries. As there is a growing need and demand for knitted items such as sweaters, pompom hats and mitts, the crocheting industry will continue its reign and can never be driven to its discontinuance.

The campaign brought out by the Yarn Council of America, though known for its obvious commercial interests, is still good and viable as the same aims in engaging the students in crochet at least for few minutes daily. This in turn helps the teachers to keep their young students engaged in a meaningful manner.

If you want an efficient way of keeping the youngsters (students) indoors and away from drugs, then the campaign promoted by the Yarn Council is the answer. Besides aiming at the improvement of the yarn industry, the campaign also engages the youngsters in a meaningful way. Instead of poking the needles at the youngsters, the campaign just hands over the hook and yarn and engages the students in a meaningful pursuit ? thereby achieving twin benefits.

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