Other terms you need to know in crocheting

Working rows ? Very often you will be encountering this terminology in your crocheting job.

A row is best explained thus: It is a group of stitches crocheted from one end of the piece to the other end. A general rule for making rows is working from right to left. Keep a count on your stitches or at least at the end of a row. Double check your count to make sure you did not increase or decrease a stitch.

Yes, the ?Increase? and ?Decrease? are other two words that you will be hearing regularly in any of the crocheting project.

* Increase ? This is adding one or more stitches. Again, there are two terminologies, namely External increases (they are worked at the beginning or end of a row) and Internal increases (they are worked within a row)

* Decrease ? This is removing one or more stitches. Similar to the above, the Internal decreases are worked within a row and the External decreases are worked at the beginning or end of a row

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