Memorize the symbols in crocheting

When you pick few books and read on for your next crochet project, you will be coming across a host of symbols displayed in patterns. Normal crochet instructions are:

* Narrated in words and with abbreviations

* Represented as symbols

* A combination of written instructions and symbols

You may have to devote some of your precious time for getting to know and memorize the symbols and abbreviations. All the symbols that are used in any crochet pattern are standardised and are 90 percent same through out the world. For example, if you use a pattern from England, the symbols used will be the same symbols as those in an American pattern. There are set standards in crochet symbols internationally, and hence they are bound to be similar in all countries, at least 9 out of 10 of them are same through out the world.

The main purpose of using the symbol is that they are easy to read and save space while printing and experienced crocheters are in favour of using symbols.

However, Donna Kooler says, it is up to the individual user to decide on whether to read written instructions or interpret symbols. Else, the individual may also prefer to use both if otherwise found suitable. In case you decide to follow the written instructions and go wrong anywhere in your stitches, then you can refer to corresponding symbols and decide on your course of remedy. If the error was due to printing, then you can refer to the alternate method ? and hence, it is preferable to have both written instructions and symbols.

Charts and written instructions are complementary in nature and in any case, if the written instructions fail to explain things adequately, you can always look at the charts for clarification or vice versa. Certain depiction such as cylinders are difficult to be reproduced in a chart, and where as things such as lace can easily be represented in chart. Hence, it is always preferable to have both the written instructions and charts together and you will not be bogged down by any tricky or confusing situations in your crochet project.

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