How to Choose Crochet Thread?

Crochet is one of the popular hobbies in America today being practiced by over 10 million people. The main reason for people taking to crocheting as hobby is the satisfaction that is derived from crochet.

It will be a wonderful experience to create entirely a new product from a ball of yarn. The various colours, designs and patterns further enhance the acceptance of crochet as an art as well as a hobby.

Today you have countless number of yarns with varied textures, varied colours and with varied quality. Again, with permutations with the available choices, the number you get will be mind boggling. Hence, any person will get confused while deciding the correct colour or combinations of yarn for the project.

As a beginner, one cannot simply tell from the appearance or the texture whether the yarn is good or not. Manufacturers also do not come out with the truth regarding the quality for obvious reasons. Hence, it will be better if you take some extra time and care to know few points about the yarn.

The following tips on Yarn will be of immense use to you in your crocheting job:

Know the base material of Yarn

Normally crochet thread is made up of cotton. The durability of cotton is very high and it can last even up to 10 years. Best of all, cotton crochet thread are washable.

Synthetic crochet threads do not have anything more than the “lustre” that it can offer. They are also difficult to wash and many people shun from synthetic threads altogether.

Know the Types of Yarn

Crochet threads are normally classified into five major types. They are the worsted weight, baby or the fingering type, bulky, sport, and chunky. Each of these types has its own thickness and weight. Among the five types, fingering has the finest weight.

If you happen to see the word “ply” in any yarn label, then you should understand that it refers to the number of strands twined together to form the yarn.As a Beginner, always start with a “Beginner’s Thread”

It is always better to start with a bigger thread size when you are just starting to make a crochet pattern. As you get accustomed or gain experience, you can try with finer threads and enhance your skill.

Identify the Ideal Thread

Once you complete the basic level of crochet, it is time for you to try few advanced patterns. Any advanced design involves finer threads and what you get is a refined product.Keep one extra ball of Yarn always

It is always preferable to have one extra ball of yarn or thread, as this will save you in the event of any miscalculation about the requirement of yarn. This is especially applicable to the colored yarns. The point here is that colored threads may differ if not bought at the same time. You should know to buy the coloured yarn based on the “lot number” that is printed on the label. Any difference in colour will spoil the whole project.

Never buy cheap Yarns

Any cheaply priced yarn will ultimately ruin the entire project because of the poor quality. Hence, it would be better to choose the best quality of crochet thread to ensure the quality of your work.

Now you will be well equipped to decide on your yarn when you visit the store next time. You should select the best thread as thread play a vital role in making your project successful.


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