Know about Crochet Stitches

In earlier days Crochet was used for making complex stitching designs as well as craft products using simple hook or needle. Now crochet, after its re-entry, is being practiced as hobby.

People who are already in some needlecrafts believe in the relaxing property of crochet. This hobby can be learned easily and is made use for making useful home decor such as doilies, bedspreads, blankets and tablecloths.

Crochet is so versatile that you can make anything that may come in your mind. For example you can make sweaters, scarves, vests, hats and mittens. The two flavours of crochet namely European and American crochet are slightly different in its handling the patterns. In European crochet a diagram is used where as in American crochet the designs are written down.

Before starting any crochet work, it will be better for you to know the following:

• “Foundation Chain” is the base for any crochet design and it can be long (as in Afghan) or short.

• You should learn to exert correct or optimum pressure when crocheting, lest you will end up with wrong size of the pattern.

• It is always better to try out a sample first to get the right gauge. In case you do not get the correct gauge, you can alter the hook size and try again.

• You should learn to hold the hook in such a way that you feel comfortable and allow flow of yarn without any restraint.

• Do not take into account the loop on the hook while counting.

• You should always make the correct number of chains each row in order to maintain the expected height and length for the succeeding row. This “turning chain” establishes the first or “initial stitch” of the subsequent row.

• Always pick two loops from the previous row of the stitch except when the pattern indicates specific loop such as back or front loop.

• The interval between stitches is known as “space”,

• Do not make your first stitch a “slip stitch”.

• Once the work is completed, you need to finally pull through a “loop on hook” once, cut the yarn and pull the end through.

Besides the above, you have to get familiarised with other basic stitches that are enumerated below:

• Chain stitch or “ch” Single crochet stitch or “sc”

• “Half double crochet” stitch or “half dc”

• Double crochet stitch “dc”

• Treble stitch or “tr”

• Slip stitch or “sl st”

• Popcorn stitch or “pc st”

• “Block (bl) and space (sp)” stitch

The popular saying “practice makes perfect” is true in crochet. A beginner may find the instructions little confusing and complicated, but constant practice will make you as an adept crocheter. With all your concerted efforts and patience, you can be sure of coming out with flying colours in any crocheting endeavour.


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