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Crocheting is seen practiced as a hobby by many young ladies. Crocheting is an artful craft and though it may be easy to learn you may have to devote lot of your time and patience in learning the crochet.

The items or articles that may be made with crocheting are limitless. One such item under the garment section is the popular “Poncho”. You might have witnessed a fashionable over-shirt piece of cloth worn by Jessica Simpson in the Newlyweds series. Yes that was in fact a crochet poncho. Poncho has become a fashion statement among many young as well as older women.

Getting interested in making a poncho all by yourself? Here are some resources found in the web where you can find poncho patterns and instructions for free.

“Coming Home” Poncho – This was seen worn by Martha Stewart while going home. It is a wide-necked poncho with v-shaped bottom. It can be worn comfortably by all women with different body stature. The Lion Brand web site offers this pattern for free with instructions and frequently asked questions.

Angelhair Ponchette – It is a smaller or miniature kind of poncho and when worn, it falls just above the waistline and has wide neckline. “Angel hair” type of yarn is used for making this type of poncho and you can find the pattern for this poncho in the Hip Vintage Crochet web site.

Diamonds and Lace Poncho - A lady named Dot designed this free pattern poncho. As the name goes, the diamond and lace designs are interspersed all through the crocheted piece. It comes in all sizes and is about 18 inches from the neck to the bottom edge. You can find this pattern in Crochet ‘bythehook’ blog site of the author.

Asymmetric Poof Crochet Poncho - Poof kind of yarn is used in this poncho and as the yarn is closely knitted, it is best suited for wearing during winter season. It has a shape of a rectangle with one side shorter and other side longer and joined together to form a single-pointed poncho. This is one of the soft types of poncho and can be found in Crystal palace Yarns web site.

Easy Peasy Poncho – This poncho has wide spaces that make them suitable for wearing during summer season. It has a v-shaped bottom with hanging strands and can be found in Myra Wood’s web site.

Crocheted Baby Poncho – As the name goes this poncho will make your baby more attractive and cute. To make it more attractive, you can crochet one matching hood and this pattern need more skill because of the complexity of stitches involved. This pattern can be obtained from Coats and Clark web site.

Groovy Granny Poncho - Though the design resembles that was prevalent during 60’s, the layered colour pattern makes this poncho look good and stylish and can be worn by people of all age groups. It has the usual v-shaped bottom, with a slightly v-shaped neckline, ribbon and flower trimmings that give this fashion wear a twist. This one is available from the Lion Brand web site.

Scarf Ponchette - This is a simple poncho good for crochet by beginners. Despite its simplicity, the poncho looks very elegant because of the usage of fun fur yarn and varied colours. This pattern can be obtained from the Lion Brand web site.

Left-over Poncho -

This pattern was created to make use the left over yarn from your previous crochet ventures. This poncho has many colour combinations and you can find this pattern from Crochet Pattern Central.

“Coming Home” Pooch Poncho -

This particular pattern was designed after the “Coming Home” poncho worn by Martha Stewart. This is just the tiny version of it and specifically made for little dogs. You can get this pattern from the Lion Brand web site.

What you have seen are only a few of poncho patterns that have been selected from the hundreds of available patterns. You can definitely find one that suits your taste and matches your skill level.


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