How to make Great Crochet Poncho?

Crochet ponchos are getting wide spread acceptance nowadays even with celebrities. The soft texture and stylish design makes it much sought after piece in any crochet market.

Being a crocheter, you can easily crochet your own poncho that will fit you perfectly and suit to your taste. You can download many patterns from various web sites and crochet for your personal use. Let us see few examples:

Adult Poncho Sweater - This is one of the sweater like poncho from Emerald Moon Creations. It has a wide neckline with sleeves falling just above the elbow and a v-shaped, wavy bottom edges.

Arizona Poncho - Brons Fiber Stuff brought out this poncho and looks more like a rectangular shape. When spread flat, it looks like a huge piece of square crochet pattern with a hole in the middle. You will find this pattern simple and easy to make.

Asymmetrical Cross-Stitch Poncho – One designer by name Cristina Heredia from Craftown contributed this. This poncho uses cross-stitch pattern with striking colour combination. You as a beginner, can easily crochet this piece which has simple rectangular shape with sides pointed or longer than other.

Bead-trimmed Crochet Poncho - It looks light, very comfortable to wear and is different from your other usual poncho. This elegant looking poncho has bead trimmings at bottom edges.

Beauty in Bloom Poncho - This pattern has wide neck and the length just reaches slightly above the waistline. It is normally worn by ladies and comes with blue colour and flower patterns below the neckline.

Gentle Ripples Poncho - This pattern has a simple A-type cut that falls up to the thighs and is suitable for fat women. You can easily make the ripple pattern that is used in this poncho.

Black and White Poncho - This V-shaped poncho come in black and white color and is good for wearing during colder months. The stitches are made tight and close that make this pattern good for wearing during the winter. You can get the necessary warmth and softness from this poncho.

Springtime Poncho - This is ideal for fat women. This poncho has a low neckline that falls like the shape of a bell. The stitches are wide spaced and hence suitable for wearing during spring or summer seasons. You have to use smaller hooks if you want to make a smaller size of such poncho.

Petite Poncho - This is meant for your kids. It has an almost off-shoulder neckline with stitches that ends up to the midrib, then tied to form groups of strands to form the bottom design. You can easily make this pattern and help your little girl look smarter with this poncho.

Town and Country Poncho - This is a plain white crochet poncho, looks pretty good when worn over a slim black dress. It also provides a fresh look to the person wearing it. You, even as a beginner, can make this easy pattern for yourself.

Monster-In-Law Poncho - This pattern has different pastel shades of colour and is a asymmetrical crochet poncho. Its bottom is formed by groups of strands tied on the bottom edge of the stitches.

These are just a few examples of the different crochet poncho patterns you can find in the internet. If you are just a first timer or an advanced needle worker, there is a pattern available for you. Start your search for that unique pattern. Have fun!


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