Where Crochet Stand in Today’s Fashion World?

The world of fashion always changes and is never static – the change happens in colour or fabric or style or even in usage by other sex. The fashion is changing so fast that today’s rage is not a fashion statement tomorrow.

You can also see the fashion designs of the 50’s and 60’s making a comeback today.
Probably, that is the reason why you are seeing more of crochet designs today.

In earlier days, crochet designs were more used to make coasters or blankets. But today, crochet is making its entry into the fashion world and is being used both by young people and older generations.

Crochet patterns are used in making various dress materials such as tops or jeans or shirts that were worn by both sexes. You can make various shapes such as stars or a wheel with crochet and you can do all these sizes and shapes by sitting at your home.

Few people try out even animal shapes and other patterns such as argyle, Afghans, daisy and flower which are good for any occasion. Crochet has also not spared swimsuits and you can have even two-piece crocheted swimsuits in a variety of colours.

Crochet employ single as well as double stitches and any double stitched crochet pattern will be thicker and hence used in chill climates for the protection against cold weather. Scarves, coats and capes are normally made out of double stitches and are mainly used by women.

Crochet patterns are not meant only for women, but can also be applied for making patterns worn by men. For example, crochet can be used to make a colourful patch for the arm, and can even be used to make hats and gloves for men.

If you have some prior knowledge, then making crochet pattern is easy and you have to procure only yarn and hooks for starting the crochet project. It is always preferable to draw the design on a paper first and then try your crochet work.

After making the layout, choosing the right type of yarn is important since the weight will affect the gauge and texture of the fabric that is being done. It is always better to start with basic stitching first and then trying other complex designs to avoid any dissatisfaction in the event of your failure.

You can learn a variety of pattern from books and even from internet. All these sources normally come with instruction as how to go about in making the pattern. You can also get good designs by watching the fashion shows and as well by visiting few fashion stores.

Crochet patterns do not have any limitations and you can apply it literally on anything, be it the dress tops, or the hand bag, or even the cover that can hold the mobile. As the crochet itself is easy, you need not search for a particular design in shops; instead, you can sit and crochet the needed design by yourself with a guaranteed satisfaction!


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