How to Get a Crochet Hat?

You can see people regularly wearing hats for protecting their head from heat and dust and in certain cases to cover the receding hairstyle.

Hat comes in various designs and fabrics. Crochet also contributed its patterns in hat making.

Crochet hats that are normally made with yarn keep your head warm and protected from dust. Further, the hats also make a fashion statement in these days and you can even weave few outstanding designs with your own hands.

You can look for that out-standing designs from internet, fashion shows, books, other magazines and even from your friends. If you are well versed with cross-stitching, then you can easily make crocheted hats by duly referring to designs and instructions. You can even deviate from the original design duly making small changes in colour and make your hat an outstanding unique piece.

The taste of using crochet hats differs during the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn or Fall and Winter) in a year. In the first half of the year people always go for brighter colour with varied stripe patterns. If you can add few darker shades in the form of lines, they can make the hats more lucrative and appealing.

During the second half of the year, when Autumn and Winter seasons fall, people start showing preference to darker colours – some good colors are dark blue or navy, black, violet, grey to name a few. Any pattern with little bit of nature such as leaves or a blossom will be a better idea.

During winter, when the entire area is covered with white snow, dark colour will still rule the crochet hat. Few additional patterns such as bright green leaves interspersed with tree design can catch the required attention and your crochet hat will become a hit instantly.

Before starting the project, you should procure the required materials such as yarn, needles or hooks from a good and reputed store. Further, you should ensure that you stock sufficient yarn so as to avoid any shortage in the middle of the project.

You can have an edge over others if you have a prior knowledge in crochet. In such case, you can start your project head on without struggling to understand the designs and instructions.

You can choose from many crochet patterns that are available at your disposal. With little more concerted efforts and practice, you can possibly make this venture to earn that needed extra income by sitting in the cozy comforts of your home.


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