Know about Afghan Crochet Patterns

It is one of the unique patterns that get developed as and when you crochet and is capable of delivering utmost satisfaction to you the moment you complete the masterpiece with your own hands.

Many of the popular baby dresses are made only with this Afghan patterns. However, you can create various fashion materials such as hats, scarves or any other garments with Afghan pattern provided you choose a combination of supple yarn materials combined with different fundamental crochet stitches.

The Afghan crocheted materials are so valued that they are used, reused and are promptly handed over to the younger generations to preserve the history and the art. This is one of the finer aspects of Afghan pattern and the same remained fashionable all through from the 19th century onwards.

You may wonder how the Afghan pattern could stand the testing time of various periods and endured the ever-changing fashion scenario? The main reason can well be attributed to the exceptional crocheting methods such as meticulous combinations of different crochet stitches, premium materials in combination with the creative ideas of the crocheter. Afghan pattern has become one of the most sought after pastime by many of the experienced crocheters.

In earlier days, the “Afghan Oriental rugs” were very popular and this point contributed to the present day popularity for Afghan patterns. Further the afghan crochet is simple to make without much difficulty and it involves more of fundamental crochet stitches.

And the beginners of crocheting find the afghan pattern very interesting and master the techniques very fast. A word of caution: the afghan pattern might turn out to be a difficult one if you try your hands on it without any well-defined pattern.

Despite the availability of many afghan crochet patterns, the basic and fundamental patterns are more popular and find its acceptance at varied levels.

Let us see few of the simple and commonly used afghan crochet patterns with a short explanation:

• Single crochet pattern

This will help you in making a simple and ornamental afghan crochet. The classic part of the afghan crochet lies in its use of stripe design either with dense, continuous colour or a variety of colours. This pattern is normally used in making items such as covers for bed and chairs.

• Granny square afghan

As the name goes, this pattern is very popular and distinct shapes such as squares, rounds, etc., are used. All these different shapes are crocheted separately first and then joined together to bring out a unique design.

• Chevron stripe

This type is very convenient for beginners and helps them in learning the basics that are associated with crochet.

Though there are many kinds of afghan crochet, what you have seen is only a few of them that are very popular. The main success of any afghan pattern lies in your adept handling of the stitches and your creativity in bringing out a unique design.


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