Submission of Crocheter's ideas

The recent trend has seen a demand for wearable crochets and crochet projects that incorporate some beading work and knitting have become popular. Though the Granny squares and baby merchandise still find a liking and demand by many people, there is a paradigm shift of trend towards wearables.

The patterns brought out by Afghans were a favourite of many, though the same is not occupying number one position in the crocheters? preference chart. However, if the afghan has a unique pattern and displays an unusual design and non-conventional style, crocheters can still submit their afghan ideas.

Let us now see how a submission process works:

Usually a call for submission will be published in crochet magazines and e-zines. Majority of these publications has an exclusive section for guidelines. The preference details and patterns will be published in these magazines. Other details such as target users (end users), wearable crochets or utility enhances ? all will be given in detail.

If you find ?wearables?, then you can have all details related to target and other guidelines, which may even say ?any wearable from classic to modern to hip, as long as it?s fun to wear and fun to crochet.?

The offered rate will always be very competitive and you may even be offered to have your picture and product published. Most of the calls will be clear and without any ambiguity; and few may even come out with their disinterest towards items such as baby clothes ? and you may get guided according to your skill level.

Pattern submissions are then submitted to catalogs, yarn manufacturers or to any entity in the needle trade and fabric milieu for enabling interested persons in using the pattern.

If you happen to come across a guideline that states ?wearables?, then you may try to submit a well-researched and well-written pattern duly increasing your chance of getting published. For this, you may need to do some research in wearable catalogs, as recommended by the Crochet Guild of America.

Certain patterns might put a test to your mathematical knowledge (yes, you need to know and do certain maths also!) duly making you to calculate and compare your measurements against industry standards. You also have to ensure that the particular yarn used for the pattern is available in market.

Like any writer, in crochet, you sell your rights to the buyer, but as soon as your pattern goes out of print, the rights will get reverted to you. And there is a very good chance that you will be asked for photographs and diagrams in a specified format.

Submitting patterns and getting paid alone is not the end of crochet, but it is only a part of it. There are a lot of other activities such as annual conferences, state-to-state seminars, and attendance at trade shows where the cotton and synthetic fiber industries converge and show their latest innovations in thread and yarn.

Crochet has not been put to bed. It is still a most sought after one by many dynamic collection of people who love what they do and are proud of their creations.

Some crocheters prefer to be aloof. Every now and then you will come across an advertisement from a solitary crocheter showcasing her designs and patterns and is ready to accept orders. Experienced crocheters can easily identify the good piece the moment they see one and crocheting still continue to be one of the brisk businesses available today.

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