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Whatever may be your efforts, when it comes to your dressing, your entire outfit will not be whole without a scarf around your neck. Such is the power of scarf in making your outfit a complete one.

Most people have developed a habit of collecting a variety of scarves that can be used in various seasons.
Good silk scarves are expensive and the best way to get an inexpensive scarf is to buy a square piece of nice looking fabric and hemming the edges. The alternate method is to go for crocheting.

With the advantage of alternative sewing methods such as crocheting that are readily made available today, you can make stylish yet practical scarves. All you need are yarns, hooks, patterns and your concerted efforts and attitude.

A right pattern influences the versatility of scarves and hence you always choose the correct pattern. Once you have all of them, you can start your scarf crocheting right away.

Let us see few points, which can make you understand more about the scarf patterns:

Select the Right Size

Literally speaking, users tend to discard scarves that are not of correct size. For example, a too small scarf will scantily cover the area and a too long scarf will be uncomfortable to wear. Hence, choose the right size of scarf before starting your work.

Measure the Pattern

It is always better for you to take measurements before you can buy the pattern or actually start working on the pattern. Ignoring the measurement point can be disastrous and any such endeavour without knowing the measurement can be compared to driving a car without fuel.

Select the Right Pattern

You can always find the instructions detailed in a scarf pattern. You can easily understand them as the instructions are given in a simple and clear manner. No technical jargons are used and that makes you, even as a novice, understand them easily.

Select the Right yarn

Next to a good pattern, you should concentrate in having a good yarn. Nearly 80 percent of the people who are engaged in crocheting can vouch for the selection of good yarn in any successful crocheting venture, especially in scarf making.

The kind of yarn that go in for making the scarf will decide the quality of scarf and if you want to have a trendy look, it is better to go in for metallic yarns.

Select the best-suited Pattern

You should be in a position to select the right pattern that suits your ability in crocheting. Always choose a simple pattern first, and after getting the necessary confidence, you can try your hand with other complicated designs or patterns.

It is only a myth that great scarves are made with complicated patterns. In fact, simple patterns have become a rage many times. So it is always better to go in for simple yet practical patterns.

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