Classic Afghan Patterns

Afghan crochet cover patterns are the most sought after pattern in the crocheting world both by the beginners and the experienced alike. Any Afghan cover will be a perfect gift to your friends and relatives as they can serve for various purposes such as shawls, wraparounds or blankets.

The term afghan originated from the ancient rug type textiles that were used in Afghanistan region. You can make use of the crocheted Afghan covers in a variety of ways such as bedspreads, blankets, mattress cover, and as a shawl.

The unique pattern in any Afghan cover will immediately enhance the aesthetic appeal in your house, be it your living area or your bedroom.You can find people giving away Afghans as gifts during birthdays and holiday season, because of the artistic values and usefulness that are always attached to any afghan cover. For example, if you receive or give during Christmas, afghan covers can help to tide over the chill winter.

A personalized baby afghan blankets can also become a family heirloom.You may find simple as well as complex Afghan crochet patterns and you can decide on one based on your preference and your expertise in crocheting. You can choose a simple afghan pattern and put together as many numbers of granny squares that are necessary to make it a blanket.

On the other hand, you may even choose complex afghan patterns and start putting few geometric shapes and other advanced crochet stitches.You can look for various afghan patterns in the resourceful web sites, books and other popular magazines.

Normally, all these media bring out complimentary crochet afghan patterns with complete set of instructions starting from what type of yarn and hook should be used for the project. They also provide useful tips that may be made use by you to decide on the type of yarns.


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