Basic Guide to Crochet

Learning crochet is easy and fun. What is required is your patience and capabilities to understand the crochet terminologies and you can see yourself on the launching pad.

How to hold the Hook?

In fact, there is no set method of holding the hook. It all depends on how comfortable you are when holding the hook. You can even find crochet hook with thumb rest for that easy grip. You can hold the crochet hook with your index finger and thumb as if you are holding a pencil or a spoon.

How to hold and handle Yarn?

You can hold the yarn the way in which you feel comfortable. You can hold the “slip knot” with your right hand and coil the yarn over your left-hand fingers. Then move the slipknot to your left finger duly holding the knot between your fingers.

As you crochet, you can do all the manipulation with the yarn that runs through your index finger on your left hand and the hook. You can apply pressure (tight or loose) on the yarn using your right index finger.

What is Yarn Over (yo)?

A basic crochet stitch involves grasping the yarn or thread with the crochet hook; carrying the yarn or thread over the tip of the hook and then bringing back to the front and grasping the yarn in the hook’s groove.


You always start the crochet with the slipknot first. With your yarn create a pretzel outline and after slipping the hook through the pretzel, pull both yarn ends in order to tighten the loop.

Foundation Chain

Similar to slipknot, any crochet project will start with the foundation chain. You have to make stitches that are similar to a chain and you need to build a number of rows as per the pattern.

After creating a slipknot and one yarnover, do one more yarnover by holding the hook in front and then bring the hook underneath the yarn and grasp the same from top. After turning the hook downwards, slide it through your original loop and bring your yarn with it. Now you have created one successful “chain stitch”. Practice it regularly till you are adept at making the chain stitch.

Starting the project

• Always choose a pattern you like. Go through the instructions carefully and ensure that the selected pattern is very much within your reach in respect of your ability. Procure all the materials that were detailed and start the project as per the instructions.

• Make a sample or a swatch to ensure that your gauge or measurement is correct.

• Make your foundation row little loose than your gauge so that there will not be any sagging.

• Bestow your best attention in understanding the instructions for making the design.

Finishing the project

• Use “tapestry needle” for weaving the ends in and for hiding them within the crochet body.

• While making the garment, always position all the “right sides” collectively and overcast the seams. Alternately, you can join them by means of a “slip stitch”.

• Once the pattern is over, do a blocking; blocking is a method where in the garment is stretched to its right shape. Blocking can be done either through physical stretching, or by warm ironing or by using stiffening fabric solution.

Learn today the satisfying and rewarding hobby of crochet. Have fun! gifts.


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