Know when one uses Crochet Hat

Crochet hats are seen worn by young and old people. Few people wear hat for keeping their hair intact and many other wear them for protecting their heads from heat and dust.

The added benefit that comes with the hat is the fashion statement and you can get crochet patterns as a regular hat or a cap or in beret.

Hats that are made with thick yarns are used in colder climatic regions because of the warmth produced by the hats. People are fond of wearing hats that come in a variety of colours and this is possible only in crochet patterns.

You can see people wearing hats all through the whole year. Hence, producers ensure availability of hats in various sizes all through out the year so as to enable people to use them in all the four seasons. If you know how to stitch, then you can make wonderful designs of hats after getting the attractive patterns from stores, from magazines or from internet.

Further, fashion designers try their new designs in their fashion shows and you can make use of them to design your own duly making certain alterations in the original design. You will be able to bring out fantastic designs with a little bit of creative thinking and by using your intuitiveness.

There are four seasons and the variety of hats worn by the people is also decided by the seasons. You can talk to your friends and learn the attitudes and bring out various patterns to suit the needs and tastes of the people.

For example, during the first half of the year, when the snow has not melted yet, lighter colour shades will rule the market or demand. You can blend few patches of darker colour coupled with small stitches, which can break the monotony and may be well received by the purchasers. You can even think of stripes or lines on the sides to make the hats clearly visible from a distance.

In spring season also, people prefer to continue with the same lighter shades. However, you can add few patterns such as butterflies or flowers to enhance the taste. You can also try to bring out various shapes to break the monotony and any such move will be well received by the younger generations.

In fall season, there will a shift in choice of colour from the light to dark shades. Any hat with a dark colour such as dark blue or navy, black, violet, grey, to name a few, will be quite a success. Any added pattern such as leaves, or a floral bunch can make your hats sell like hot cakes.

During winter, hats continue to be dark in colour, and you can add few contrasting shades of red or black. When the whole area is with white snow and few green leaves, any contrasting colour will become a big hit instantly.

To bring out all your desires in the form of crochet hats, you have to first buy all the required yarns and other tools from a good store. Buy enough stock for seeing you through the entire process of making the hat. Your concerted effort and attitude can help you in making a good number of crochet hats and you can even make some extra income out of this.


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