A Brief History of Crochet

How Crochet came into being?

Crochet came into being only during the 19th century and nobody was able to trace its existence before the said century. However, knitting existed prior to crochet, and is know even from 15th century onwards.

The reason for crochet not showing up until the 19th century was probably due to the then prevailing trend of preference to the economical fabric-making techniques by the people. For producing a small piece of fabric, crochet uses quite a lot of thread and where as the same size of cloth or fabric can be economically produced by the other old methods such as knitting, sprang, nalbinding and netting.

It was at the same time when US took up crocheting, Ireland started developing its lace industry and very soon it became a household activity that was loved by many American settlers.

The main difference between crocheting and sewing is that the first one is considered as an entertainment and the latter one as a function. During the World War II in 1941, America was not in for any time and fashion, and the paradigm shift was towards making the process small and simple. In those days crochet was meant for making special things such as a scarf for a friend and special laces for the special people.

After the war ended, crochet was back in the limelight and turned out to be a technique employed by women in creating appealing and extravagant items such as towels, pillowcovers, edgings, tableclothes and handkerchiefs.

After the 1960?s crochet shed its ?domestic? and ?traditional? tag and was transformed into a refined art by the next generations. Suddenly, all kinds of finished fabrics started showing up at the scene, which was nothing but the outcome of the advent of innovation fever that characterized the wealthy period that the US was experiencing then. The present day crochet is different from the original and is having a new face and new look. New types yarns were emerging and new hook types were also invented.

To take up and excel in crochet, it is important for you to get acquainted to certain basics such as:

* Commonly used abbreviations

* Stitches

* Hooks and its kinds

* Yarns and its kinds

You can take up small and simple projects if you know certain basics related to crochet and you can even take up big and multiple projects when you know and master the basics.

As your confidence level increase, you will be more inclined to learn the advanced techniques that might enable you to diversify your project portfolio. And it may even turn out to be your profession for making your living! You may even end up setting up a separate occupation to churn out the most coveted crochet end products, and in the process you will find yourself engaged with your hands and fingers moving feverishly just to keep up with demand!

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