It should be, "let them crochet"

How did the inmate learn crochet while in prison or was she already crocheting before imprisonment?

How come a prison inmate could get a hook and yarn for doing crochet work? How the prison authorities could ignore the fact that the hooks can potentially be used as a weapon?

Unfortunately the last two points have got the capacity to confuse us. We cannot just jump to conclusions that the prison authorities have failed in their duties. If you allow your mind to think laterally, you can come to a conclusion that indeed there are other possible alternatives for the prison authorities allowing the crochet tools into the prison.

A little out of box thinking can reveal the wonderful aspects and the benefits that can be derived from engaging the prison inmates in a fruitful work such as crocheting. Prison inmates are in no way different from us and the only difference is that we are at outside and wasting our time and life in useless pursuits.

Freedom is not doing what you want, but it is not doing what you are capable of doing! Any such meaningful activity, either through thrust or peaceful persuasion, can help the inmates of the prison to learn a meaningful earning potential and make them to be on their own when they are once again let free into this world.

It shouldn?t be a case of ?let them eat cake? and let the Yarn Council of America say ?let them learn crochet!? instead. Life is said to be journey and what is important is the journey and not the destination, as the destination is known and same for all. Likewise, in crochet, it is not the pattern or the poncho that matters, but the experience and the thrill of making creative things are valued the most.

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