How is Crochet different from other methods of sewing?

At the outset, let us see the distinctions that set apart Crochet from rest of the sewing crowd:

Crocheting is a type of lace needlework where in a hooked needle is used to interlock loops of a single thread.

Knitting is looping thread or yarn together either with machine or hand with long needles, which aims at forming similar looking interlocking loop.

Sewing is the work of fastening stitches with a needle and thread.

Quilting is stitching or creating patterns or lines through layers of cloth. It is usually employed in making decorative wall clothes and bed covers.

Embroidering is intended in making ornamental or raised designs on leather, cloth, etc., with the use of a needle.

As you go through the book and get to know the dynamics involved in producing fabric and its numerous by-products, you will begin to understand how crochet stand apart from other forms of stitching.

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