Compare crochet to life!

crochet, the few works are tight; few others are done loose; done in a compromising way with an intention to get the right, finished product. It is a compromise between two extremes, a coming together of one row, one chain, one single stitch, and two double loops.

Crochet can be compared with life, where happiness and sorrow come alternately and that throws vibrant colors and amazing swatches. Crochet instills a sense of pride in the minds of the maker and a sense of aspiration in the minds of the user to devise one such product. Yes, it is life trying to imitate life!

After having explained many things, let us come to the last one. Our life has got multivarious illusions and has got enough distractions such as drugs and other unwanted things that lead you to spoiling your health. A little diversion from your regular work such as crocheting can save you from deteriorating eventually.

Crocheting is not an old lady?s hobby anymore and if you have any misconception even at this stage, our one final advice is to get rid of that feeling. To add a little more sugar to the already sweet recipe, we would like to inform that a study done by Cindy Wolff, a member of Research Inc. Atlanta, says that there are about 38 million women in the United States who know how to knit or crochet. In 1994, that number was only 34.7 million, less by a whopping 3.3 million.

Because of the luring nature that is synonymous with crochet, even celebrities like Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz have set their hands in the craft. Crochet is suitable for any age group; however, it was seen practiced mainly by women in the age group of less than 35.

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