Crochet Scarf Patterns

People living in cold climate commonly use scarves. Scarves, besides keeping the head and neck warm, also help ward off the dust and keep the hair clean.

There is no hard and fast rule that scarves should be plain in colour. You can add a dash of colours to make them pretty and look fine.

In recent time scarves were seen worn by people in all seasons. Of course, the usage of various types of scarves varies with the climatic change. For example, thick variety of scarves is used during Winter season and light (both in weight and colour) scarves are used during summer season.

You can get a variety of scarf patterns from various magazines and as well as from internet. You can also get them from your friends and relatives who are into crocheting for a long time.

Fashion television is also a good source for seeing and getting the latest scarf designs. A recent trend in all fields is the return of all old things. Hence, you can search for few old magazines that were published during 60’s and try to get few patterns.

During the first half of the year when snow has not yet melted, people go for dark coloured thickly woven scarves. In the later part of the year, say the second half, the preference shifts to lighter colour and sparsely woven scarves. So, when you are into making crochet scarves, it is better to keep in mind the preference and behavioural pattern of the people.

You can add few contrasting colours in the scarf design to get striking appeal. For example, during winter when the colours are dark, you can inter weave light colours and inter weave dark coloured designs in summer to break the monotony in design. Adding shapes such as triangles, squares and circles will really make it unique.

The scarves generally come is red colour, but you can break the general rule and sew in few coloured designs such as Christmas tree, or a snowman, or green leaves so as to make people notice them.

For any crochet work, including the scarf making, you need yarn and hooks. You can choose a good store and buy your entire yarn requirement from that store. You can buy plain and as well as coloured yarn for your project. You should also know about the thickness of yarn and decide on the correct thickness.

People living in cold climate because of the capability of the yarn giving the necessary warmth use thicker yarns. Thinner variety of yarns is used for bringing out scarves meant for temperate climatic regions.

Scarves make a nice gift and if it happens to be a self crocheted one then people receiving it will be very moved and preserve the scarf for their lifetime. You can crochet a scarf with single or double stitching, or switching it from one color to the next. These are just few ideas involved in scarf making. Making a free size scarf will be a better idea as the same can be used by or gifted to any kind people.

Any normal scarf will be 80 inches long, long enough to wrap around and able to cover the head and neck properly. You can also custom design the scarves without wholly depending on the available patterns.


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