Crochet Hat – Master Techniques

The present day crocheting is different from that of earlier day’s crochet. Crocheting has become a very popular hobby, which helps you to make economical, fashionable and functional patterns. Crochet never fails to the give the required excitement that any people can look for in it.

You can start crocheting with a good yarn and with few hooks. There are a variety of yarns in the market and a little knowledge about them will help in making your pattern standout in the crowd. Further, you need to know more about the needles also for making crocheting a successful endeavour.

For making the crochet hat, you need the following:

• Yarn – Worsted-weight yarn

• Colour of Yarn – Any colour or combination of colours

• Hook – G size crochet hook

• Needle – A big eyed yarn needle

• Scissors - small

How to start:

1: Hold the crochet hook with your right hand and make a slip knot on the hook.

2: Starting from the back of the hook, carry the yarn over towards the front of the hook and then take it with the hook.

3: Make a ‘chain stitch’ by drawing the hooked yarn through with a “slip knot” and onto the hook.

4. Keep repeating the second and third steps for 28 times; with a loop still on the hook, you should make ‘29 chain stitches’.

5. Skip the ‘first chain stitch’

6. Insert the hook to the center of the next ‘chain stitch’. Work up to the hook after drawing the yarn past through the ‘chain stitch’; now you will end up with two ‘loops on hook’.

7. Starting from the back to the front, bring the ‘yarn over hook’ and pull it through the ‘twin loops on hook’. You will still have one loop that remains on the hook; you have just got a “single crochet stitch”.

8. Repeat the steps six and seven for rest of the twenty-seven chains and make certain that you end your work with the very last chain. Now you have completed one line of “single crochet”.

9. You should have a measurement of approximately 7 inches wide crocheted piece. If it is less in width, then add one more beginning chain. In the unlikely event of exceeding the width, you can lessen one of the beginning chains.

10. After turning the piece anti-clockwise, make a single ‘chain stitch’ at the tip of the line or row duly leaving the yarn ‘hook in the chain’. Start making another row, making stitches by working through the ‘stitches’ of the preceding row.

11. Make a single “crochet stitch” in the first stitch and also in ‘each remaining stitch’ of the preceding row. Be certain to work also ‘into the last stitch’; ‘chain 1, turn’.

12. Keep repeating the step ten till you get a 9 inches long block.

13. After leaving 6 inches, ‘cut the yarn’ from the ball at the end and pull the hook directly upwards; after inserting the yarn into the loop which remains ‘on the hook’, thread the “yarn needle” and interlace the stitches “back and forth” to secure it.

Now you know how to make a crochet hat. Initially you can start with simple patterns and move on to more complicated patterns once you get well versed with the techniques.


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