Basic Stitches for a Crochet Scarf

At the outset, bear in your mind that for a successful career in crochet, you must have desire, determination and patience in mastering and understanding crochet.

It is easy to understand crochet in its entirety when you understand the basic abbreviations and symbols that has been enumerated in any pattern.

Any crochet work always start with a “slip knot” first. With your palm facing you, position the tip of the yarn crosswise on your right hand palm from the right going to the left and then back around so that it crosses over your right palm again and laying the yarn across the tip of the very first yarn strand.

After reaching for the longest strand of twin ends and drawing up, insert the crochet hook in the loop you have created and then tighten it to fasten the knot.

The basic crochet stitches are classified as single crochet (sc); chain (ch); double crochet (dc); half double crochet (hdc); and treble crochet (tr).

Let us see few of the basic crochet stitches and abbreviations:

1. “Chain stitch” (ch) - After beginning with a single loop, you have to hook the yarn and draw it through, duly making one chain. Wen you need to make more you have to repeat the process.

2. “Slip stitch” (sl or st) - After inserting the hook into the chain you have to do one yarn over. Pull the yarn throughout the chain and also the “loop on the hook”.

3. “Single crochet” (sc) - After inserting the hook into the chain and yarning over, you have to pull through the chain so as to ensure that 2 loops are on hook. Do one yarn over and draw up both loops.

4. “Half double crochet” (hdc) - After one yarn over, insert the hook into the chain and do one more yarn over; now pull yarn through the chain making “3 loops on hook”; yarn over again and “pull through all” of the 3 loops.

5. “Double crochet” (dc) - “Yarn over” and then insert the hook into the chain, “yarn over” once more and then pull the “yarn through chain”, making “3 loops on hook”.

6. “Yarn over 6” - After pulling through the 2 loops, do one yarn over and pull once more through the 2 loops.

7. “Triple crochet” (tr) - After yarning over for two times, insert the hook in the chain and yarn over once more and then pull the yarn through the chain, making “4 loops on hook”. Then do one yarn over and pull through 2 loops. Repeat the same again. Finally do one final yarn over and pull through the last 2 loops.

Let us now try to understand the instructions for a scarf pattern.

“Start with Chain 15” – meaning you should make 15 chain stitches.

“Row 1, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in ea of next 13 chs, ch 1 (to turn). (14 sc)”

Do not add any chain into the “second chain from the hook” after doing single crochet. Only count the very first chain, which is attached to the hook.

“Row 2, sc in ea sc across, then ch 1, to turn. (14 sc)”

Do a single crochet stitch in every single crochet stitch across. In the absence of pattern not describing anything about one loop, then you crochet in “both loops of the stitch”, inserting your hook underneath the top loops “of the stitch” so to start creating “the next single crochet”.

For the second row as well as for al the additional rows, you have to work in the 2 loops of every “single crochet”. For the additional rows, you need to do the second row, until such time when you have already made the scarf’s length that is ideal to you.

“Last Row, sc in ea sc across. (14 sc)”

Do a “single crochet” in every single crochet going across and never make a “chain 1 at the end of the row”. End. Leaving some length of the yarn to secure and weave the end, “cut the yarn” and weave the ends.Yes, the scarf is over. Keep wearing.


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