Know few Classic Crochet Patterns

Ever wanted to know when and where the crochet hobby started? The Crochet Guild of America brought our one newsletter in September 1977 and as per that newsletter, crochet might have originated from Italy during the early 15th century. However, the newsletter could not provide any evidence in support of the claim.

We are aware that this craft is indeed an age old one and probably 3 or 4 centuries old. When a craft is that old, then what has happened to the old patterns that was seen and done in those days? If we explore a little more on these lines, then we can have few classic or vintage patterns which we can crochet and dazzle the world once again.

Crocheting can let you do a lot of things, say from small purses to jackets and sweaters. The options that are available are numerous. Further, if you can grab few of the old patterns then you make the world turn towards you. To help you in finding those vintage or classic patterns, here are some resources that you can check out in the World Wide Web.

Vintage Crochet Patterns -

Tabitha Gibbons, who happens to be the owner of this web site, offer several books on crochet. She has made available a wide selection of vintage crochet patterns, ranging from little doilies, rugs, afghans to bed covers and tableclothes. You can log to this site and after leaving your e-mail address can get a free pattern book.

Crochet Treasures -

The slogan of the web site goes this way - “Patterns from the past; Creating heirlooms for tomorrow…” This site boast a collection of vintage patterns of more than 950 numbers and offer them to their subscribers. For any casual visitor, around 25 classic patterns are given free for personal use.

Celt’s Vintage Crochet -

This site have a real wide variety of vintage patterns and almost all the patterns are free. The site also illustrate the owner’s finished projects, most of which are doilies and other table accessories.

Soft Memories -

This site can get you vintage patterns of more than thousand in numbers. The patterns are grouped in different categories such as doilies, bed jackets and slippers, hanky edgings, potholders, ruffles and flowers, doll clothes, and other home décor pieces. You can view them all and print them out after paying the subscription fees. You are also offered few free patterns for you to get a feel about the web site.

Vintage Crochet Patterns e-book -

This e-book contains 20 wonderful vintage patterns that are easy to crochet and you can make them a big hit in fairs and bazaars. Workbag, beaded doily, and the wedding ring bedspread are the few crochet patterns that you can download from this site.

1800’s to Early 1900’s Vintage Pattern Links –

A lady named Martha who is also popularly known as StarGazer, maintains this web site. This site provides several links to patterns that were used way back in 1800s up to 1930s. These patterns can be accessed for free. The site also has links to other web sites that offer vintage crochet patterns.

Antique Crochet Patterns –

You can have hundreds of vintage crochet patterns that are categorised into baby pieces, men’s or ladies’ wear, slippers, tablecloth, doily, and many others. It also offers methodologies to convert your knitting patterns to crochet and vice versa. Best of all, these patterns are free to access and can be printed for personal use!

Antique Crochet Patterns –

As the name suggests, this web site stand out from other sites and has exclusive sections for vintage patterns. This site offers vintage crochet patterns from 1850s to 1950s and all of these are baby items such as bonnet, booties, hat, jumper, afghan, and a lot more. You can also have free lessons that may be very useful for beginners.

What you have seen above are only a few resources out of the thousand other sites that may offer vintage patterns. Be it free or fee based sites, these sites can provide wonderful vintage patterns that can entice you into the world of crocheting.


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