How to Make a Crochet Hat?

The word crochet was derived from the French word “croche” which means to make a hook or loop. Crochet is a method wherein yarns and long threads are used to bring out a fabricated product.

The crochet is different from that of knitting as crochet involves knots and loops that go into the making of stitches and chains. Let us not look into the basics of crochet here. Instead we will see how you can make a crochet hat successfully.

Making of crochet hat depends on your correct choice of yarn. You can use different textures and colours of yarn for making the crochet hat. The types of yarns, which are commonly used in crochet, include sport or baby yarn, chunky yarn, bulky yarn, baby or fingering yarn, and the worsted weight yarn.

All these yarns vary in their thickness and textures. For creating the crochet hat, the fingering or baby type of yarn is the best choice as it has a number fine strands in its ply. Making crochet hat with acrylic yarns instead of natural fibres or synthetic fibres will be very beneficial as the user can wash the hats conveniently in case of need.

Another tool needed to create a crochet hat is the crochet hook. With the hook, you can slip the knot on the ends by pulling the loops of the thread and sliding them through the crochet stitches. You can buy varieties of hooks such as wood, plastic, or aluminum depending upon your choice and convenience.

Certain patterns also come with instructions for use particular size of hooks and you can decide on your hook purchase based on that. Market has various sizes of hooks ranging from small (2.25 millimeters) to big (19 millimeters) size hooks. Some crochet hats with larger patterns may need larger crochet hooks that may come in sizes of 6 inches.

Knitting needles also play a vital role in making hats. Normally, knitting needles come in a thin, straight form and come in various sizes. Again the material that go into making of needles vary from wood, plastic or aluminium. You can go in for sizes of 2 millimeters to 15 millimeters and choose needles with a knob at its end for making your stitching process convenient.

There are different types of crochet hats and let us see few of them now:

1. Crocheted Plastic Bag Hat - This comes in a variety of hues and feature highlighted lettering on the outline.

2. Brimmed Straw Hat – This particular type of hat is always made with cotton yarn.

3. Creative Preemie Hat - This has a large design of preemie. However, you can make a smaller version of such hats by reducing the number of double crochets on the first few rows.

4. Pompom Hat - Pompom hats are mostly made of 100 percent wool and are crocheted on one hook.

5. Amish Hat - Amish hat is also made of 100 percent wool yarn, and any Amish hat with a ruffled design will look very pretty.

The quality and the texture of the yarn are very important in making your hats successful. So spend more of your energy and time in selecting the appropriate materials before starting your crochet hat project.


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