Various Types of Carrie Crochets

Of late, crochet has become a favourite hobby amongst the women especially for those prefer to stay indoors. The popularity of crochet with the women folk can be attributed to the variety of patterns that crochet can offer and the ability of crochet in making the women ever busy and keeping them engaged.

There are a quite number of crochet products available and one of such product is ‘Carrie Crochet’. The online shops in the world wide web has got enormous variety of Carrie crochet products and let us explore them without going much deeper into the real meaning of what a Carrie crochet is.

Here are some of the Carrie crochet items that can be found in the World Wide Web:

Carrie Crochet Hat -

This is made up of 100% cotton yarn and hand crocheted to make it simple and stylish. The hat has become fashionable as it covers the head completely and it has a rainbow pattern on the brim and plain head part. It comes in 3 colours - beige, pink and pastel blue. You can get a nice hat for $19.99 from one of the Headcovers Unlimited store.

Carrie purse -

This ornate looking purse is made from the festive fur kind of yarn and come in hues of red and silver. Daily Knitter staff brought out this elegant design. Though the purse is not available commercially, you can have a look of it in their web site and can also have the pattern for making it by yourself.

Carrie Cotton Crochet for Kids -

To add up to their spring and summer styles collections for kids, Little Lids came out with this type of Carrie Cotton Crochet for kids. All these items are totally handmade using soft, pink cotton yarns. One of such items such as Carrie cotton crochet hat has a snuggle design and the floral design hat combined with ruffles is sure to enhance your baby’s look.

Fossil’s Carrie Sweater -

Fossil bring out its own version of a sweater under its Carrie crochet series. A six button opening with a ribbon is provided in this wonderfully crocheted piece of fashion clothing and it comes in three different hues such as bracken, safari, and silver pine green. Various sizes ranging from very small to extra large are made available by Fossil to suit the needs of people and you can get one to suit you for a $54 bill.

Guess’ Carrie Crochet Corset -

This is an another piece fashion statement in the lines Carrie crochets. This tan-colored corset is handmade with ramie-cotton blend and comes with floral crochet designs and has a square neck fit. The front side is closed with a ribbon lace that is tied up at the hem. You can have this classic looking simple corset in three sizes – small, medium and large. And the price that you may have to shell out may not be more than CAD $69.25 if you opt to buy from Guess’ online store.

Carrie’s Crochet Web Page -

When a product is popular, then there is no doubt that you can find more details about the items on the net and Carrie crochet is not an exception. The web page depicts many Carrie’s crochet projects that are for sale. You can find many such projects such as hats, shawls etc., starting from a meager $20.

For a little more, say from $45 to $55, you can find items such as pillowcases, mats and rugs in different colors and styles. For the same price, you can have sweatshirts meant for both men and women.

Regarding the bedspreads, most of them come with diamond patterns and with colours of white and black. And they are sure to adorn your rooms in a perfect way.Carrie crochets are unique and comes in a variety of colours and designs and there will be one to match the interests of any person.


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